Do women really find it harder to lose weight than men?

FUnfortunately, that may be the case…

According to a recent study, women need to exercise more in order to get the same amount of weight loss as men.

In the said study, two groups of men and women were made to undergo the same fitness programs and routines, and researchers found that men reaped more significant results compared to women—including greater weight loss.

Judging from the results, some scientists confirmed that indeed, men and women actually respond to exercise in different ways. And apparently, women need to work harder in order to reach their health goals.

So, what are the reasons for this?

Here are some details that you might want to take note of:

Body Composition

weight appleMen have higher muscle proportion compared to women. Incidentally, muscle has a greater metabolic rate compared to fat (simply put, the more muscles you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be).

What this means is that men (because of their higher muscle proportion), tend to burn more calories while resting. And since we don’t necessarily exercise for an entire 24-hr day—that is certainly an advantage that men get to enjoy.

Tip for women: Aside from having regular exercise, you need to watch what you eat as well. Find fat-burning foods that can help increase your metabolism. Use natural weight loss supplements that can help keep your weight in check. Yes, losing weight may be hard—but there are tools available for you.

Larger Heart and Lungs

Another aspect worth mentioning is that men usually have larger hearts and lungs compared to women. In addition, men have a larger proportion of haemoglobin—which is an essential aspect of the blood that’s responsible for carrying oxygen to many parts of the body. And as you may well already know, oxygen is actually very important when it comes to exercising.

Tip for women: Learn breathing exercises. Do yoga. These can help increase oxygen levels in your system, which in turn, can help you achieve your health objectives.

Testosterone Levels

Hormones are another cause for this seemingly unfair balance between women and men when it comes to weight loss.

Naturally, women have more estrogen, which means they are more biologically inclined to store fats (note: women store more fats in the stomach and thighs in preparation for child bearing). On the other hand, since men have more testosterone, they have more muscles (which means greater fat-burning abilities).

wTip for women: Lift weights. This will help increase your testosterone and growth hormone levels temporarily, thereby enabling you to lose more fats. You can also engage in compound weight training, where you focus on developing certain muscle groups. Accordingly, the more the muscle groups you get to use and develop, the more calories you are said to burn.

Do you want more endurance for your weight and muscle training? There are supplements such as l arginine which can help you in this regard. Just remember to ensure that you are getting your supplement from the right manufacturer or company.

These are just some of the reasons why women find it harder to lose weight. However, don’t let this “challenge” affect you negatively. Yes women will have to work harder than men to lose weight but it’s not an impossible goal. With the right exercise for you and your body, combined with the right diet—you can have the body you’ll feel the best in.