sm-soft-gel-ubiquinolIn recent times, much has been said about the benefits of ubiquinol. And yes, even Dr Oz has been talking about it’s benefits too. Ubiquinol is a component that is produced in our bodies. It is known as a very powerful antioxidant, and is basically used to combat various diseases related to aging.

Otherwise known as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), this can be found in various sources, such as fish, meat, fruits and vegetables—although in minimal amounts. Accordingly, with the proper intake of this supplement, different health benefits may be achieved, ranging from reduced risks for heart diseases, regulated blood pressure levels, improved oral and gum health and many others. So, how does ubiquinol work? To find out—let’s discuss it a bit further…

What Happens During the Aging Process?

Every day of our lives, we are burning energy and we are aging as well. Consequently, this will lead to the production and presence of free radicals in the body, which in turn, can result to cell damage to our vessel walls, organ linings, nerve tissues and other vital body parts. Aside from free radicals, we are also constantly exposed to environmental toxins that put additional risks on our health.

And with the combination of these toxins and free radicals, our bodies begin to age at a much quicker pace, eventually leading to the breakdown of our cells, the slowdown of cell repair and many other health issues. Now, it is worthy note that our bodies actually have the ability to fight off aging and cell degeneration. In fact, every cell in our body is working hard to give us energy and vitality. How? Our cells actually produce energy via molecules called the ATP, which is then used by the mitochondria—which is one of the main sources of cell energy. So, where does ubiquinol fit in? How can it give us the energy we need?

Ubiquinol Can Assist In The Anti-Aging Process

Ubiquinol Can Assist In The Anti-Aging Process

Ubiquinol actually promotes ATP production in the inner membrane of the mitochondria (forgive the geeky “lingo.”) In effect, it promotes efficient energy-formation and regeneration of cells, thereby preventing the issues caused by free radicals, environmental toxins and other related problems.

Simply put: ubiquinol will remove the oxidants and free radicals in your body (this is why it’s called an “anti-oxidant”). And of course, when you are able to eliminate such harmful components—then your body will become more efficient in repairing and protecting cells, ultimately leading to restored health.

The Health Benefits of Ubiquinol

Being an effective anti-oxidant, ubiquinol is responsible for various health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Helps in the treatment of liver dysfunctions
  • For treating neurological diseases
  • Resolving renal diseases
  • Regulating blood pressure levels
  • Treating cardiac problems
  • Maintaining healthy oral and gum health
  • And many other related issues.

Indeed, ubiquinol is an essential, even indispensable part of our bodies. It plays a vital role that we should never underestimate. For added efficiency, we should always combine ubiquinol with the proper diet, healthy exercises and try to reduce stress as well. These will help us combat the known effects of aging and many other health issues—and it will certainly make us a lot healthier as well.