white-bodyEverybody wants to lose weight. That is a fact. Many people from all over the world are looking for different ways of losing unwanted fats and trimming their tummies – and this quest for a better body continues.

Today, many are using occupational diet systems in order to lose weight. However, this entails much willpower. In fact, many who have tried dieting are unable to succeed simply because they are unable to hurdle their normal biological functions. Dieting is like trying to hold your breath underwater. In due time, you will have to stop – because your body is telling you to do so.

So, the question now is: how can we lose weight?

Before we answer that question, you might find it useful to know that weight is actually not the main indicator of good or bad health. It’s actually the waist line.
Try to measure your waist line. Ideally, your waist line should be half of your height. So, if you are 6 ft tall – then your ideal waist line would be 30 inches. Also, when you measure, make sure that you are doing it from your belly button all the way to the area above your hips. This is how to do it the proper way. Are you within your ideal waistline limit?

Now, let’s discuss what the omentum is.

omenThe omentum is actually a thin fatty layer of tissue inside the belly which connects to different internal organs of your body, including the liver.

Take note: the liver will metabolize anything that you eat and will send them out to all the parts of your body. If you eat healthy foods – then healthy nutrients will be sent to your body. If you eat unhealthy foods, your liver will become fatty – and your omentum will start enlarging. In fact, an enlarged omentum is what is usually called the “beer gut” or “beer belly”. Unfortunately, a large belly means that there is a big chance that you’ll be encountering big problems later on.

If the omentum becomes too large, the body will eventually be unable to cope up with it. It will then lead to numerous health complications, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems and many others. An enlarged omentum can also poison your liver, which obviously, is not a good thing at all.
Now that we’ve discussed how our body works – let’s move on to how we can look and stay healthy – the natural way.
First things first: there are 5 things that you need to take into account, if you want a healthier body. And these are your weight, waist size, blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting blood sugar.

These 5 are indicators of how healthy you are. All of these are actually interrelated to your weight – which means if you shed those excess pounds, then you become healthier as well.

How Can I Lose Weight?

Here are some simple methods to help make this possible:

1. Wake Up with Lemon Water: A tall glass of warm water with half a lemon freshly squeezed gives your body a wake up call. Do this as the first thing that goes into your stomach instead of your morning coffee. (Have your coffee later in the day:-)

2. High Water Content Cleansing Foods: Whenever something goes into your body ask yourself, “Will this cleanse or clog me?” In other words eat foods with high water rich content. Fresh fruit and vegetables have lots of water content, therefore they are cleaning your body from the inside.

3. Never Eat 3 Hours Before Bedtime: We all like to snack, just do it earlier in the day.

4. Move and Do Some Exercise for at Least 30 Minutes a Day: Move that body of yours. Exercise has so many health benefits besides weight loss. It will clear your mind and produce natural endorphins that will make you feel better emotionally.

5. Use Raspberry Ketones to get rid of excess fat.

Among all of these methods – using Raspberry Ketones is considerably among the most efficient (and quickest) ways to actually lose weight. In fact, many consider it as one of the biggest “fat-busters”, which can help people get the bodies they want – and a healthier one too!

am-raspDalvia Wellness Labs Raspberry Ketones Liquid DropsRaspberry Ketones come from red raspberries, which is a natural, healthy and efficient fat burner. It has no side effects and has been scientifically proven to get rid of excess fats more efficiently than other alternatives.
The main reason for Raspberry Ketones’ efficiency is because of the fact that it regulates adiponectin – which is a hormone that naturally restricts your body into acting like it was thin.

Naturally thin people have more of adiponectin. However, as a person gets fatter – this hormone’s function diminishes. And when this happens, fat will be stored in different parts of your body, ultimately leading to excessive weight, bigger waistlines and of course, health complications. Hence, in order to lose weight – you will need to have the right amount of adiponectin in your body. This is what Raspberry Ketones does.

By ingesting the right amount of Raspberry Ketones – your body will act like it’s thin. It will provide your body with needed adiponectin, which in turn, will break down unwanted fats, and will also significantly reduce your appetite (without you noticing it). As it is, you will lose weight naturally, and you will have a healthier body.

Now, if you want to maximize the full benefits of Raspberry Ketones – then you might want to give the Dalvia Wellness Raspberry Ketones Liquid Drops a try. (Available at Amazon.com)

What is it? Unlike other products that use pills, Dalvia’s Raspberry Ketone Liquid Drops comes in liquid form – making it easier to digest and absorb. It has been designed to take away the hassles of drinking pills – while maintaining its efficiency at the same time. And it tastes better too!

This product was created in the USA and is 100% natural. It complies with strict GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice standards – thereby making it safe for use. As such, you can expect to reap all the benefits that it offers, without having to worry about any adverse effects.

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