Dalvia iSleep Ezy: The Natural Way to Regulate Sleep Patterns

Dalvia Wellness Best Selling Natural Sleep Aid. Available from Amazon.com

Dalvia Wellness Best Selling Natural Sleep Aid. Available from Amazon.com

According to some studies, irregular sleeping patterns can lead sugar levels to increase. Ironically, those who have high sugar levels are also more likely to get less sleep. In effect, it becomes an endless cycle—that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. When a person lacks sleep, then his or her heart becomes overworked. Accordingly, this may lead to cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure and other related conditions.

Our bodies need to rest by getting the proper hours of sleep. Otherwise our bodies will start to depreciate quickly—and many bodily functions will be adversely affected. Obviously, that is a serious matter which needs to be treated seriously. Melatonin is one of the most efficient components that can help people in achieving sleep. This is actually a hormone released through the pineal gland (a small gland located in the brain).

One of the most important functions of melatonin is controlling a person’s sleeping and waking cycles. Some studies have shown that a person’s melatonin levels actually start to rise during mid or late evening (probably why we feel sleepy during that time). It then gradually drops as morning comes.

Our bodies produce melatonin. This component can also be found in different food sources, including meats, vegetables, grains and fruits.

Although melatonin can be found in certain food groups, it is worthy to note that there are instance when they may not be enough to resolve sleeping problems or issues. Accordingly, this is where using supplementation can be a good idea.

There are people who do not produce enough melatonin the body. In fact, as people grow older, their melatonin levels will start to dwindle or drop—thereby making it harder to sleep. People with sleeping disorders (for example: insomnia) will usually have low melatonin levels.

Yes—when people are able to get enough sleep, they are actually able to burn calories, even while at rest. In fact, studies have shown that approximately 70 calories per hour are burned (while sleeping). So, the more sleep you get—the more calories you are more likely to burn constantly. People who lack sleep are actually more prone to eating incessantly. This is because their bodies actually force them to eat more foods, to get added energy. In other words: because your body is unable to get sufficient energy through rest and sleep—then it will force you to eat more foods in order to energize. Unfortunately, this can lead to you taking in more calories, which in turn, can lead to obesity, heart problems and other health problems.

Even if one performs exercises on a constant basis (but lacks sleep)—then he or she is still prone to gaining weight.

sleeping-couple-dalviaWhen a person lacks sleep, hormones that make the body crave for more food will be released (usually increasing cravings for carbohydrates, sweets and other high-calorie foods). Hence, even if a person does hours of exercises constantly, he or she may still uncontrollably crave for more food, thereby resulting to gaining more weight and even obesity.

Stress levels may also be increased when a person lacks sleep. Remember that if a person does not have sufficient rest, then he or she becomes more prone to stress. Getting enough sleep will help your mind and body relax—ultimately helping you reduce stress and the underlying problems accompanying it.

The constant release of stress hormones can lead to higher blood pressure levels, damaged blood vessels and many other heart-related problems (aside from other health implications).

Take note: stress can likewise cause other health complications, such as increased chances for heart attacks, depression, diabetes and many other problems. In fact, many consider stress as one of the most dangerous “silent” killers in the world today.

Lack of sleep can cause disorientation, fatigue and may adversely affect one’s neurological functions. Accordingly, this can lead to problems at the workplace, at school or other essential daily activities.

Examples are:

Doing badly at school exams
Attention lapses and delayed focus
And many other related issues

Indeed, getting enough sleep is an important step to take for overall health and wellness. This will not only give our body the rest it needs, but it will also help us prevent any unnecessary health implications that may not only have adverse effects—but even fatal consequences as well.
What You Need to Know: Dalvia Wellness iSleep Ezy Sleeping Capsules
The Dalvia Wellness iSleep Ezy Sleeping Capsules is an all-effective and all-natural sleeping supplement, designed to normalize a person’s sleeping cycle and prevent the negative effects of not having enough sleep.

With this product, users are able to get enough sleep and relaxation at night, thereby helping them to feel more rejuvenated and refreshed—whether at work or at play.

The iSleep Ezy does not have any artificial components. It makes use of 100% all-natural and effective ingredients—all meant for one thing: to help users get the best sleep that they deserve.

Every capsule of this natural supplement contains the following healthy ingredients:

Valerian Root
Passion Flower

And many other helpful Components
Note: this is a “power combo” that will not only lead to better and deeper sleep, but many other health benefits as well.
Each bottle of the Dalvia Wellness iSleep Ezy Sleeping Capsules is good for a 60-day supply. And since it’s being sold for just $27.98—it means you’re actually spending just cents a day to get the health advantages of sleep!

iSleep Ezy is not a prescription drug. So, users don’t have to worry about any adverse side effects later on. And unlike prescription drugs, it is absolutely non-addictive. So, people can use this product (or stop using it)—anytime they want to.

By using this product, users are able to enjoy the following benefits:

Getting deep and restful sleep, without the feeling of grogginess or drowsiness afterwards
Prevention of coronary and heart diseases
Regulated sugar levels and prevention of diabetes
Feeling of rejuvenation
More energy to last throughout the day
Reduced chances of stress
More endurance and energy to last throughout the day
Many other health benefits.

The iSleep Ezy has been manufactured under very strict and rigid procedures. It is an effective natural supplement, made entirely in the USA. More importantly it complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations, which means it is absolutely safe for use.

Recommended dosage: just take 1 capsule before bedtime—and expect to get that much needed sleep that you have always longed for.