All the information provided to Dalvia Wellness Labs or collected by the Company through this website are considered as strictly confidential and will not be reused, sold, loaned or otherwise disclosed to the public, unless legally obliged or mandated to do so.
Stipulations, terms and conditions regarding the security and privacy of the personal information you provide to us will be elaborated below. For any questions, please contact Dalvia Wellness Labs for additional information.

This Privacy Policy will only apply to the users, visitors or subscribers of this Website—in relation with their relationship with Dalvia Wellness Labs. It will not apply to any other communications or interactions by such users with third parties—regardless if our Website or its features, platforms or services were used for such communication or interaction.
If a user, visitor or other party shares or discloses their information with third parties through our platform, Dalvia Wellness Labs declares that it holds no control over such disclosure. As it is, we cannot be held liable or responsible for the same.
The protection of personal data while interacting with other parties through our website will be the responsibility of the respective parties. Any agreements, contracts or activities made through our website by users with other parties are beyond the scope of this Privacy Policy.

As a rule, we do not collect any personal information or data from the visitors or users of our Website. As it is, parties who are interested in using the features of our website may do so anonymously.
Please note, however, that we will be analyzing logs into our website, for the purpose of collecting aggregate data such as number of pages viewed, time spent on a page/s and other related pieces of information that we can use to make our website’s content and materials more valuable for users and readers—and to help us reach our goals as well.
Data and information voluntary provided to us by users or visitors will be used for internal uses only. We will not, in any way, give out information that may prejudice or harm other parties.

In some instances, we will be using “cookies” to keep track of content usage, as well as the traffic on our website. These “cookies” do not collect personal data. Instead, these will only record pieces of information pertaining to the browser used, sections visited on our site and other related details. Email addresses, names, addresses or personal information will not be collected by these “cookies.” If you opt not to accept these cookies—certain sections and features of our Website may become inaccessible.

Users, subscribers and visitors may voluntarily join our mailing list—through which they can receive updates, coupons or get special perks and discounts in connection with the products and services being sold by Dalvia Wellness Labs.
To join such email list, interested parties can sign up through a form provided by us (through our website). People can also provide us their email addresses and data during seminars, direct mail, special events, emails or other modes.
Please note that we do not and will not lease, rent, trade or sell email addresses or other information to any other party.
If you wish to stop receiving any emails or notifications from us (after joining our email list), you can click on the unsubscribe link in our emails. You can also opt to inform us of your intention to opt out of the email list via email directly.



However, there are certain cases wherein we will have no choice but to disclose such shared information to third parties. Such instances are:

Under Legal Obligation or Compulsion – this will arise when Dalvia Wellness Labs is compelled to disclose its collected personal data to comply with specific requirements of the law. Such instances may include: 1.) When the Company (and under its best discretion) is required to comply with valid judicial or government warrants, subpoenas or orders. 2.) When the disclosure is demanded by a lawful government institution, under a valid order. 3.) When such disclosure is needed for the defense of Dalvia Wellness Labs or to exercise its rights.

Change of Ownership – in case the ownership of Dalvia Wellness is changed, altered, modified or transferred—due to a merger, sale, acquisition or any other mode of transfer—the personal data collected through this website will be transferred to the new entity.

In this instance, users and subscribers will be notified of such transfer of data, as well as any modifications in our Privacy Policy. Accordingly, users will be given the option to refrain themselves from using the services of this Website, if and when they refuse or do not wish their data to be transferred to the new entity.

Hiring Service Providers – in case Dalvia Wellness Labs will need to seek the assistance of service providers or professionals for the repair or maintenance of the Website, certain information may be accessed for the proper enforcement of functions. However, rest assured that such providers or professionals will be subjected to another agreement stating that their access will only be limited to the performance of their functions in relation to this Dalvia Wellness website, and nothing else.

Users and subscribers who have provided their personal information to us will have access to the pieces of information they may have given. Moreover, they may also modify, amend, revise or delete their personal data, if and when they deem necessary.
Dalvia Wellness Labs reserves the right—but is not obligated—to store the personal information that may have been provided to them, or to delete such pieces of information if and when it deems fit.

Accordingly, users who have provided their personal details to Dalvia Wellness Labs may request us to provide them with the aforementioned archived data. However, such data or information will only be provided on a case-to-case basis—and after the holding of the necessary investigation and verification by us—of the proper identity of the party requesting the information or data, and the said party’s rights thereto.

In addition, Dalvia Wellness Labs should be reasonably compensated for the technical and administrative efforts it may have exerted to retrieve such data. Please note further that this is subject to the condition that such information were not deleted or removed by us—and said access does not infringe on the rights of other parties.

This Website and its features are meant for use by people who are 18 years old or above only. As it is, any information we may have collected or have been provided to us by those claiming to be of legal age—and who we later find out to be minors—will be removed and will not be used by us in any way or form.

Dalvia Wellness Labs is declaring that we do not have or will not have any intention of getting, collecting or maintaining any pieces of information from minor users or subscribers. Accordingly, we cannot be held liable or responsible for the unintentional collection of data from minor users or the use of such information in good faith.

Under this Privacy Policy, Dalvia Wellness Labs will exercise the needed diligence and reasonable procedures to ensure that the data provided by users or collected by us will remain to be confidential and secured.
Please note, however, that there will be instances when despite the exercise of prudence—certain issues may tend to interrupt or breach the transmission of data or the use of this Website.
In such circumstances, you are agreeing that the Company cannot be held liable for such breaches or interruptions. This exemption from liability of Dalvia Wellness Labs extends to transmission errors, hacking, identity theft, password theft, unauthorized access by third parties and similar issues—either due to the failure of the user to exercise the needed prudence and due diligence, ultra vires acts of the employees of Dalvia Wellness Labs, or other related factors.

In the exercise of its sound judgment and discretion, Dalvia Wellness Labs can opt to alter, modify, revise, edit, change or totally edit or remove this Privacy Policy, for the furtherance of its objectives, in order to keep up with recent industry developments, to improve its products and services, to add more security for users and the Company—and all other reasons as it may deem fit and necessary.
In the event that modifications or changes are indeed made, Dalvia Wellness Labs will inform users such changes through the publishing and posting of such updated Privacy Policy in its Website—or in special circumstances, send emails and other correspondence to inform them accordingly.

If any or all of the terms and conditions under a new Privacy Policy is objectionable or is not amenable to a user, he or she has the option to terminate the use of this Website or its features.

Any changes, amendments, revisions or modifications to the Privacy Policy of this Website will apply to data and information previously collected, gathered or stored by the Company (before the revision of the old Privacy Policy), as well as data and information that may have been collected gathered or stored after the enforcement of the updated Privacy Policy.
Unless otherwise agreed upon, users of this website are agreeing and consenting to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and will endeavor to be bound by its terms.