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26-November-2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada – US based company Dalvia Wellness Labs has announced that it will be releasing its latest supplement—the Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops—by Wednesday 26th November 2014.

Vitamin D for Winter

Vitamin D for Winter

According to the company, vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is an essential aspect of good health. In fact, various studies have shown that having a sufficient amount of this vitamin in the body can help prevent infection, promote healthy bones, boost one’s immune system—and may even prevent certain chronic illnesses.

Generally, vitamin D is produced by the body, through direct exposure to the sun. This vitamin can also be found in certain food sources, such as sardines, shrimp, egg yolks, fortified cereals and milk, salmon and other related food groups.

Unfortunately, certain factors such as pollution, using too much sunscreen, long hours at work, living in cities with too many buildings that block sunlight and other related circumstances can lead to vitamin D deficiency, as well as its ill effects.

Incidentally, the winter season is another factor that may ultimately cause problems with vitamin D deficiency. This is in light of the fact that during this time, people are exposed to minimal sunlight, making it harder to take in this essential vitamin. Accordingly, this is where supplementation can come to very good use.

For people who are living in areas where there’s minimal sunlight or work in jobs that do not allow them to get sufficient sun exposure, eating foods rich in vitamin D or using natural supplements is the next best step. And these are just some of the main reasons why Dalvia Wellness Labs has decided to release its new vitamin D liquid drops.

Livia Mercer, spokesperson for Dalvia Wellness Labs, explained that people have been requesting them to make a vitamin D supplement, especially with the winter months fast approaching.
And the company has given customers what they want.

The new Dalvia Wellness Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops are made from natural ingredients. It makes use of a pure formulation, without any starch, salt, sugar or preservatives.

The product also comes in liquid form, making it more soluble compared to capsules that at times, may be difficult to swallow. Each liquid drop contains 400IU per serving, making it more potent and effective compared to other similar products.

When asked about how their latest product can help people, Livia Mercer said that as always, Dalvia Wellness just wants to provide people with all the help they may need.

Ms. Mercer said: “We know how important vitamin D can be. And with the cold months coming, we have come to understand that more people will need to take in sufficient amounts of this vitamin to stay healthy. Besides, we have been getting numerous requests to make a vitamin D product. And since we’ve always taken pride in listening to what our customers want—we’ve come up with a vitamin D product that we know will actually work.”

“Our vitamin D3 drops are designed for easy use. Users can ingest it directly in their mouths, or they can mix it with their favorite drink. Our product is also more potent compared to other alternatives. In addition, this product has around 2000 servings per bottle—which means it will last for quite a long time. And as always, our vitamin D drops are certified for Good Manufacturing Practice, making it absolutely safe for use,” she said.

Dalvia’s Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops will be sold via its Amazon store for $19.97.