Pinch FatFact of the matter is, an increasing number of people are becoming obese. Of course, this means more people are now exposed to the health risks associated with obesity.

Because of this growing problem, a lot of lose-weight-quick-tactics have been coming out, all with the promise that users will lose an enormous amount of pounds, in the quickest way possible.

The question now is: Are all these claims really true? Do these “miracle” weight loss strategies really work?

Well, the decision is yours. But before you take the first step though, you might want to take a closer look at the following methods of losing weight—and see if they will really work for you (or not):

Vibration Plates

The theory behind this method is that if exercising on a regular pavement allows you to burn calories, then exercising on a surface that’s constantly moving or vibrating will most likely result in greater weight loss.

However, there is a catch here: Practitioners strongly suggest that in order to achieve good results—people should combine this method with a good training program and a healthy diet.

What You Need to Know: If you think about it, just as long as you take the time to exercise and eat properly, you will lose weight—whether you use vibrating plates or not. In fact, even if you like to play video games every day (but still exercise and eat right), you will lose weight. So, don’t make your life harder. You don’t need fancy equipment or vibration plates to be healthy.

Box Jumps

As the name implies, this means you’ll be jumping on boxes as a constant activity. Now, although jumping around is always good for sweating and losing weight, doing it improperly may lead to injuries, such as blowing out your Achilles or other foot injuries.

What You Need to Know: If you really want to try this strategy out, do it with extra caution and an experienced trainer. Try to land as softly as possible. When going down, hop lightly instead of jumping, to prevent any unwanted injuries.

Gas Mask Training

Yes—this method encourages the use of gas masks to limit your oxygen intake, in order to make your muscles, lungs (and potentially your entire system) to work harder.

What You Need to Know: First and foremost, remember that we are not built to be suffocated. Using a gas mask to restrict your oxygen intake will open you to myriads of health risks. So, try to avoid opening yourself up to unnecessary risks. If you really need to lose weight—take the more natural route, such as diet and exercise.

Gluten FreeGluten-Free Foods

Take note: These foods aren’t really entirely bad. In reality, there really are some people who cannot eat foods with gluten. If you are one of them, then you should at all costs, avoid gluten.

What You Need to Know: According to statistics, there are only approximately 1% of Americans who are afflicted with celiac disease (an autoimmune disease where affected people taking gluten suffer intestinal damage).

However, a lot of people (even if they don’t have celiac disease) still think that gluten-free foods are the ONLY way to go. Always read your labels! Just because a food is labeled gluten-free does not guarantee that it’s healthy. Many packaged gluten free foods contain high levels of sugars and salts, all of which may impede your ability to lose weight.

barefoot runningBarefoot Running

The fingers footwear was quite the trend a few years back. Accordingly, the notion here was that our ancestors were able to escape from predators by running barefoot—which means we are designed to go barefoot.

What You Need to Know: Running with the use of “minimalist” running shoes (aka barefoot shoes), if done improperly, may increase your risk for injuries, such as stress fractures. And though people did lose weight partly due to barefoot running, it’s not necessarily the shoes that made them lose weight—but the running itself.

Tough Mudder Racing

This consists of participating in military/warfare-style obstacle courses where you crawl through mud, swing on ropes, toss spears, cross barbed wires and other similar obstacles. And though these kinds of races can be fun and may help you lose weight (after all, any physical activity is good), it does have certain health implications.

What You Need to Know: Usually, participants for Tough Mudder Races and other similar contests are encouraged to seek medical attention for diarrhea and other related diseases. Why? Because exposure to mud and dirt may make you prone to diarrhea (or even dysentery)-inducing germs. Hence, before you do start joining such competitions, you might want to take a second look first and assess yourself if you’re really up for the risks or not.

These are just some of the weight loss techniques that you need to take note of. In the end, the choice is and will always be up to you.